Charcoal tea tree solid bar shampoo+soap
Charcoal tea tree solid bar shampoo+soap
Charcoal tea tree solid bar shampoo+soap

Charcoal tea tree solid bar shampoo+soap

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Introducing our charcoal tea tree soap + shampoo bars! They work great as facial cleansing bars. The activated charcoal is gently exfoliating, lifting away oil, dirt + dead skin. The tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties, seals in the natural moisture of your skin and is great for blemishes!

This ~3.5oz bar is a LIMITED EDITION solid shampoo bar that contains our best selling recipe.

Our best selling solid shampoo bar doubles as an all over soap bar and will condition as it cleans, leaving your hair and skin feeling clean but not stripped of its natural oils and it never leaves a residue.

It contains saponified coconut oil and essential oils.
No artificial dyes or scents
No palm oil
No sulfates
Not tested on animals.
Plastic FREE :)

To use: Wet hair, then turn the bar over in your wet hands a few times to make a lather and apply. It's usually best to start with a small amount of lather at first and then lather again if necessary.

This is not a detergent as commercial shampoos are, and typically there is an adjustment period for your hair to get used to this new shampoo. Using the bar just a couple times should do it.

Keep the bar out of direct shower spray and make sure its almost dry before putting back in the case.

NOTE: Handmade soap is much different than store bought soap. Handmade soap contains glycerin, whereas store bought soap has purposely had the glycerin removed, making a harder bar. Handmade soap is much softer and must be kept dry between uses, in a draining soap dish where it will not sit in water. This ensures that your soap will last longer and not dissolve away!

*For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. By purchasing you are agreeing to all shop policies.*

IMPORTANT: Our products are all natural and do not contain preservatives, this means CLEAN, DRY HANDS must be used when touching all products to avoid contamination. Store products in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Soap has a shelf life and needs to be used within ONE YEAR, all other products have a shelf life and should be used within SIX MONTHS of purchase.